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As a family business, founded in 1997, we believe success is based upon innovation through the continuous understanding and improvement of our own and our customers’ value streams. This philosophy of always being the industry’s innovator has translated into unprecedented growth to become the largest manufacturer of structural steel and fabrication equipment in Ireland today.

Custom Metal Fabrication & Welding is the heartbeat of our business and defines our organisation. We are equipped with a dedicated staff of metal craftsman that enable us to deliver fine quality workmanship spanning a broad range of products and services. Our corporate vision is as unique as our organisation – we have the ability to conceptualise, visualise, and execute and believe this to be the true definition of INNOVATION.

We partner with our customers to learn more about their industry. This commitment combined with our skills and experience enables us to create a solution that will not only enhance productivity and maximise efficiencies but also gives them the competitive edge necessary to take their business to the next level.

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