Custom Grease Traps

All commercial kitchens by law are required to have a grease trap fitted. These grease traps are sized using The national Standards Of Ireland I.S En:1825-2:2002 and we at Mc Nulty Engineering have been passed by Compliance Consulting as providers of properly sized and manufactured stainless steel passive grease traps. Based on information supplied to us we can determine the correct size of trap for a business to be compliant and we can then manufacture it in 304 grade stainless steel. All grease traps come complete with baffles, sampling point for ease of inspection by a member of the relevant authority in checking grease levels in waste water and neoprene water tight seals. We will supply to the customer full Auto-cad drawing of the grease trap being supplied by us Once fitted it is recommended that these passive grease traps are inspected regularly and emptied and cleaned by drain management companies or waste recycling companies on a regular basis .

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